Integrated IGCSE syllabus of Cambridge University, IB and CBSE with

Arabic as first language

Islamic studies: Quran, Tahafiz, Tajweed, Hadeeth, Seerath, Shariyath,

Hisnul Muslim and implementation of unnah in daily life.


Huqhooq(Rights) of parents, Siblings and Elders, Relations, Guests,

Neighbours, Animals, Plants, each and everyone.

School subjects are taught with references and similarities from

Islamic knowledge and history.


Students will be evaluated through formative and summative assessments throughout the academic year that will

be divided into three semesters. While formative assessment includes continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) throughout the year, summative assessment will require students to appear for exams at the end of each quarter. Student’s evaluation will be done on the basis of grading system, and not on the basis of marks. Each student’s co-scholastic and learning skills are also taken into consideration before allotting grades.