To impact the required abilities of a leader and to remove all the weakness hindering the leadership skills.
To nurture young minds through modern education, Quran and sunnah so as to achieve successes in this world and here after.


  • Fostering the child with innovative methods according to today’s modern world, which is indeed the need of the hour.
  • We have designed the curriculum system to fit best in the abilities, interest and future need of the child.
  • Integrated CBSE, IB and IGCSE syllabus with Arabic and Urdu languages.
  • Adoption of latest education systems like STEM Education and Common Core Standards of US.
  • ​Use of modern teaching tools like SMART boards, gadgets like ipads and computers.
  • Focus on conceptual learning preferred rather than traditional memorizing skills.
  • ​Extra study and recapitulation periods are programmed to improve the weak students.